Beau’s Brewing Recognized With “B Corp” Certification for Social & Environmental Work


VANKLEEK HILL, ONBeau’s All Natural Brewing – a company known almost as well for its charitable and environmental work as it is for its beer – announced today that it has become the first Canadian brewery to be officially certified as a Benefit Corporation or “B Corp“.

According to the announcement, a Certified B Corp is “a for-profit entity that has achieved very high levels of social and environmental performance, and has chosen to consider benefit to community and the environment in business decision-making processes, instead of simple profit.”

Beau’s joins New Belgium Brewing of Colorado and Bison Brewing of California as the only three breweries in the world to receive B Corp certification, an honour that Beau’s co-founder Steve Beauchesne describes as being “about making a public commitment to maintaining our high ethical standards, and to being open and honest with the people in our communities who buy our beer.”

For more details, see the full press release on the Beau’s website.

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