Parallel 49 Releases Pound Sterling Pilsner as Fresh-Hopped Offering


VANCOUVER, BC – With the flow of fresh-hopped beers increasing to a near deluge this year, it’s become harder for Canadian breweries to make their particular offering stand out from the crowd, but Parallel 49 seems to be aiming to do just that with their newest release.

Pound Sterling Fresh-Hopped Pilsner breaks from the typical mold for hop harvest beers by being a lager rather than a pale ale. Brewed using fresh Sterling hops from the Sartori Hop Farm, Pound Sterling is a 5% abv & 35 IBU pilsner that is described by Beer Me BC as having “a crisp, fresh, lightly piney aroma,” and a “hopped bitterness (that) grows in the back of the palate in a means that only a fresh-hop could.”

Pound Sterling is available now in 650 ml bottles at the Parallel 49 retail store and select liquor stores in British Columbia.

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  1. Hasn’t this been available already for a few weeks? The brewery announcement was made quite some time ago.

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