Alley Kat Releases Personalizable Bottles of Chocolate Orange Porter


EDMONTON, ABAlley Kat Brewing has announced the release of the latest in its Big Bottle Series of limited edition beers, and its one with a unique twist that will let every drinker make it their very own.

_________’s Chocolate Orange Porter is a 6.3% abv robust flavoured porter that features a label with a spot for a name to be written, making it a fun gift or providing “a great way to keep track of your beer at Holiday parties,” according to Alley Kat co-owner Neil Herbst.

The beer is described as follows:

Rich and chocolatey with subtle notes of citrus – Alley Kat Brewery’s Chocolate Orange Porter is perfect for the changing seasons. “When the weather gets a little colder we tend to crave darker, richer brews,” brewmaster Brian Westcott reveals. “With the Chocolate Orange Porter we were aiming for something a little more complex in flavour. I’m very pleased with the result.”

Alley Kat _________’s Chocolate Orange Porter is available now at the Alley Kat retail store and select liquor stores in Alberta.

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