Big Rock Releases Lumberjack Pack Featuring Three New Seasonal Brews


CALGARY, ABBig Rock Brewery is continuing its ambitious 2013 schedule of seasonal and one-off beer releases with a new mixed pack featuring a trio of brand new beers.

The Lumberjack Pack is a six-pack containing Spruce Goose Strong Ale, Hibernation Strong Ale and Twisted Antler Strong Dark Ale, beers that are called “flavourful testaments to the glory of our natural back yard.”

The three beers have the following descriptions provided by the brewery:

Spruce Goose Strong Ale (5.6% abv) features the tips of Colorado and Engelmann spruce trees, plucked at their most citrusy and flavourful early-spring peak. This makes for a beer that is deliciously satisfying. Utilizing three malts and elevated by a hint of fresh honey this brew is beautifully balanced with its spruce counterpart.

Hibernation Strong Ale (6.0% abv) contains a unique blend of juniper berries, elderberries and fresh wild strawberries to produce a nectarous blend which is punctuated with the woodsy swoon of birch bark and the contemplative essence of dandelion root. While you forage through the flavours you may also detect hints of maple sugar, rose petals and the comforting warmth of honey.

Twisted Antler Strong Dark Ale (6.5% abv) was crafted by Big Rock’s Brewmaster, Paul Gautreau with the intention of treating your mouth to the most marvellously motley mixture of mayhem to find itself peering from the inside of a beer bottle. With four distinct malts and a tempestuous swirl of coffee and cool licorice, Twisted Antler is a dark ale with a voice all its own.

The Big Rock Lumberjack Pack will be available in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan while quantities last.

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