Le Trou du Diable & John Wright of NoMeansNo Collaborate on PunkRauch Smoked Lager


SHAWINIGAN, QCMicro-brasserie Le Trou du Diable has announced the release of a new beer created in collaboration with John Wright, founding member of legendary Canadian punk band NoMeansNo and a long-time homebrewer.

PunkRauch is based on a smoked dark lager recipe originally developed by Wright as a homebrew, and then scaled up to a full batch together with the brewers at Le Trou du Diable. The resulting beer is described as follows:

PunkRauch is a smoked lager in the old Bavarian tradition introduced to modern barrel aging. Hosted two months in a bourbon barrel, it offers a scent of earthy hops on a background of wood and smoked ham. The taste, light and crusty, provides a short sensation of sweet malt quickly instigating a lively scrap with toasty resinous smoke reminiscent of a tasty brew around the campfire.

The initial release of PunkRauch is quite limited, and will be available primarily at several “Oysters, Smoked lager & Punk Rock” tasting events across Canada this month. The debut event took place last Friday November 15th at Versa Restaurant-bar in Québec City, and the series will continue tonight (Tuesday November 19th) at BierCraft in Vancouver; Thursday November 21st at La Maison Publique in Montréal; and Thursday November 28th at barVolo in Toronto.

A larger batch of PunkRauch is set to be brewed early next year, and is planned to be released next spring in conjunction with a tour by NonMeansNo “puck rock” sibling band The Hanson Brothers.

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  1. And the beer is available but without a band or a brewer in the province 40 cases didn’t warrant a press release.

  2. Sorry the beer is available in Alberta but 40 cases and no band or brewery to support the release a press release wasn’t warranted.

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