Portage Ave BrewWorks Location Falls Through, Opening Delayed to 2014


WINNIPEG, MB – Those waiting for the opening of Manitoba’s first brewpub in more than a decade will be waiting a little longer, as next month’s expected launch of Portage Ave BrewWorks & Kitchen has been delayed due to issues with the originally planned location.

In a recent interview with beercrank.ca, owner Darren Wanless explains the delay:

Sadly we won’t be opening up until spring at the earliest as we had to leave our location on Portage Avenue at the end of August and have been trying to secure another location since. The lease we had for Portage Avenue was conditional with the landlord having a deadline for his conditions and we had our own, the most important being the MLCC license. We had begun the MLCC license process which included public notification and advertising but we could not finish the process until he finished his conditions. Sadly in the end the time had expired and we were left with a tough decision that the timeline was going too far and we did not have confirmation if the brewery would be able to fit and work in the space so we couldn’t afford any more resources on it. Since then we have been quiet in the hopes of making an announcement of a new location but so far no luck. We don’t want to rush into any location as we want it be right for everyone.

The article also notes that the brewpub and restaurant may open under a different name, depending on the final location that is chosen.

For more details on the plans for brewpub, whatever it ends up being called, see the Portage Ave BrewWorks Facebook page.

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