Brew Donkey Craft Beer Delivery Service Launches in Ottawa


OTTAWA, ON – The Capital Pint blog on the Ottawa Magazine website reports that a new beer delivery service has launched in the city, focused on the up-and-coming craft brewery scene in the Capital Region.

Brew Donkey is a new initiative from Brad Campeau that offers delivery of bottles and growlers from nine local craft breweries and brewpubs, including Beyond The Pale, Cassel Brewery, Clocktower Brew Pub and more. The main exception is Beau’s, which Campeau has chosen not to deal with in order to avoid taking business from the brewery’s own charity-driven BYBO service.

Deliveries will take place on Thursday through Sunday, with a delivery fee of $12 for up to 9 growlers (or the equivalent amount in bottles), and an additional $6 for any larger deliveries. Delivery of any products stocked by the LCBO can be also arranged for a $1.50 surcharge, and a selection of food and non-alcoholic beverages is planned to be added to the service as well.

In addition to beer and alcohol deliveries, Brew Donkey also offers brewery tasting tours, with the next one planned for January 18th.

For more details on Brew Donkey and its offerings, see the full Capital Pint article and the Brew Donkey website.

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