Church-Key Friar Buck’s Sarrasin Now Available


CAMPBELLFORD, ONChurch-Key Brewing has announced the release of a new beer inspired by the buckwheat ales of Belgium and Quebec.

Friar Huck’s Sarrasin is a 7% abv golden ale that is described as follows:

What business does a brewer from eastern Ontario have brewing a Quebec/Belgian style Sarrisin? It “would be as welcome as a dog in a bowling alley,” or so the Québécois saying goes. We brewed it anyway. More than a quarter of the grist in this beer is kasha (toasted buckwheat), which contributes an aromatic nuttiness and silky, oily textures. There is a small amount of lactose added that helps accentuate the already silky palate of the buckwheat, and the balance of the malt bill is made up of Canadian two-row and organic German wheat and caramel malts. The Sarrasin is lightly hopped using only whole leaf Zeus, Goldings grown at the brewery, and a bag of Cascade given to us by one of our local regulars. The hop bitterness is low to leave room for the complex yet subtle grain effects.

Friar Huck’s Sarrasin is available now on draught at select licensees in Ontario, and in 650 ml bottles at the Church-Key retail store while supplies last.

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