Parallel 49 Releases Two Holiday Brews


VANCOUVER, BCParallel 49 Brewing has taken to its usual promotional platform of Facebook to announce the release of two new beers for the holiday season.

Released on Tuesday of this week was The Toques of Hazzard Imperial White IPA, a 9.2% abv with the following theme song – uh, description:

Just a good ol’ beer, made with grains, yeast and hops. Beats all you ever drank, been a double IPA since the day it was born.

Following on Wednesday was Sahti Claws Finnish Ale, a 7.7% abv ale inspired by the beers of medieval Scandinavia:

Between raiding and conquering, the Vikings worked up quite a thirst. This traditional Finnish beer is strong, unfiltered and made with rye, barley and juniper berries. We decided to compliment ours with Chinook and Simcoe hops for an added piney flavour.

Both beers are available now in the Parallel 49 tasting room and retail store.

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