Big Rock Reveals Big Plans for 2014


CALGARY, AB – Big Rock Brewery has spent much of 2013 reestablishing its craft brewing credentials with a series of unique limited edition and one-off releases dreamed up by brewmaster Paul Gautreau and his team. And based on a blog post from Jason van Rassel of the Calgary Herald, it looks like that experimental trend will be continuing into 2014.

While an event planned for last night to preview some of what Gautreau has planned for next year had to be postponed due to poor weather, the brewery has still revealed those plans to van Rassel, who reports that more than 20 new beers are expected from Big Rock in 2014.

Starting in January with Fowl Mouth Bitter – a UK style ESB – the brewery intends to release a wide range of specialty beers throughout the year, including: a hopped up version of the flagship Big Rock Traditional Ale called Rad Trad; bourbon, oak and Merlot barrel aged versions of several Big Rock brands; interpretations of ancient and historic styles such as braggot, kvass and gruit; flavoured beers including sour plum ale, oatmeal raisin stout, and cracked pepper wheat; and many more.

For more details, see van Rassel’s blog post, and watch CBN throughout 2014 for release announcements as each of the beers is debuted.

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