Griffin Gastropub and Sawdust City Release a Pair of Exclusive Beers


BRACEBRIDGE, ONThe Griffin Gastropub in Bracebridge has announced the release of two exclusive beers brewed by Sawdust City Brewing based on ideas provided by staff members and friends of the Griffin.

The two beers – Summer Stout (a chocolate, vanilla and blueberry milk stout) and The Carney (a lemon-sage Belgian golden ale) – were selected via customer voting from a group of four pilot beers that were available at Session Muskoka this past summer. They have the following brewing and tasting notes as provided by Sawdust City’s Sam Corbeil:

Summer Stout: Made with cocoa, vanilla lactose sugar & blueberry extract. Super chocolately, big rich mouth feel. Creamy as all get out. Blueberry aroma with light blueberry flavour

The Carney: Dried Lemon peel & sage in the boil with the fresh zest of 50 lemons added to the secondary. Bubblegum Belgian with big savoury sage in the flavour and zippy lemon aroma.

Both beers are available on tap at The Griffin, and will also be sent to subscribers of Amazing Clubs Beer of the Month Club.

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