Bellwoods Blitzen & Donkey Venom to be Released in Bottles This Month


TORONTO, ONBellwoods Brewery has announced the upcoming return of a beer that was available in a limited run last December, as well as the bottle debut of another limited edition beer.

Back for a second holiday release is Blitzen Imperial Saison – although as this description notes, there have been a few changes made for this year’s edition:

Last year our inaugural version brewed with toasted cloves, kefir lime leaves, tangerine and orange earned us a gold at the Canadian Brewing Awards. This year we’ve taken a slightly different approach, brewing with blue plums and lemon zest, and utilizing a partial sour mash method to intensify tart flavours. This celebratory brew has a floral aroma, subtle notes of plum flesh, and a refined tartness on the palate from the lemon. Bottle-conditioned and aged for 2 months, this is the perfect bottle to savour, hoard, or tide you over during family gatherings.

Also due out later this month in bottles is Donkey Venom, a strong Baltic porter that has been barrel-aged with Brettanomyces yeast.

Both beers will be available in 500 ml bottles at the Bellwoods retail store in Toronto.

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