Alexander Keith’s Hop Series Continues With Galaxy Hop Ale


HALIFAX, NS – The Alexander Keith’s Hop Series, a series of single-hop ales launched earlier this year with versions made using Cascade and Hallertauer hops, has grown to include a third brand made using a relatively new hop variety.

Galaxy Hop Ale puts the spotlight on the eponymous Galaxy hop, a variety from Australia that debuted in 2009, and which is described by Hop Products Australia as follows:

Galaxy has rapidly become the most internationally recognised Australian flavour hop. This late maturing seedless cultivar is one of the most striking developed by HPA. Her reputation comes from the distinctly identifiable characters she brings to beer, which can range from passionfruit and peach to clean citrus aromas which are more intense the later the addition.

Galaxy Hop Ale is currently available at Liquor Mart locations in Manitoba as part of a Keith’s Hop Series Taster Pack, a mixed 12 pack where it is featured alongside bottles of Cascade Hop Ale, Hallertauer Hop Ale, and the flagship Keith’s IPA. Distribution plans for the rest of the country have yet to be announced.

3 thoughts on “Alexander Keith’s Hop Series Continues With Galaxy Hop Ale

  1. Will there be opportunity for Caribbean/Bahamas distributorship for Alexander’s ales? Advise how samples may be obtained. Thank you.

  2. Tried It! that keith’s has discovered hops, how about adding some malt to give it body and flavour. It’s a sad brew.

  3. Not a bad beer actually. Nice hop aroma and flavour with just the right amount of maltiness. Could use a bit more hop bitters as this taste about 20ish IBUs.

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