Northwinds Kingpin Lager Now Available


COLLINGWOOD, ONNorthwinds Brewery has announced the release of a new beer that is described as a “steam inspired lager.”

Taking inspiration from Anchor Steam and other beers in the California Common style – beers that are fermented using lager yeast but at a warmer temperature more typical of ales – Kingpin Lager has the following notes provided by head brewer Andrew Bartle:

An incredibly well-balanced and drinkable hybrid beer. The lager yeast performs at ale fermentation temperatures, creating a light fruitiness that draws out the blend of pale, biscuit, and caramel malts. The modest, woody hop flavour and bitterness handles an array of food pairings or works just as well on its own after a day on the slopes.

Northwinds Kingpin Lager is available now at select bars and pubs in Southern Ontario.

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