Phillips Amnesiac Now Available in King Cans


VICTORIA, BCPhillips Brewing has announced that a long-time favourite from its brand line-up is being released in king-sized cans, a first for the brewery.

Amnesiac Double IPA – one of the first beers of its style to be brewed in Canada when it was launched in 2004 – is now available in single serve cans containing 568 ml, or a full Imperial pint:

In a fridge traditionally populated by European-style sippers, this 8.5% hop-saturated beast is a tall can treat specifically designed for the hoppy craft-beer lover.  It’s the same Amnesiac brew, loaded with grapefruit flavours and citrus-pine aromas, with the added portability and flavour stability of a can.

King cans of Amnesiac are available now in select private liquor stores in British Columbia.

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