Three Ranges Brewing Now Open in Valemount, BC


VALEMOUNT, BC – The small village of Valemount, British Columbia near the BC-Alberta border is home to the province’s newest craft brewery, with last weekend’s opening of Three Ranges Brewing.

Founded by Michael Lewis and Rundi Anderson, and named after the three mountain ranges – Rocky, Monashee, and Cariboo – that come together near the village, Three Ranges opened on December 6th with three flagship beers – Swamp Donkey Brown AleMile 49 Pale Ale and Up Swift Creek Pilsner – which have the following descriptions:

Swamp Donkey Brown Ale: If you held up a picture of a moose ’round these parts, you might get a “Nice swamp donkey.” The moose is the second largest land animal in North America and our brown ale salutes the big beast. Robust and smooth, like a shaving of dark chocolate, this beer has a caramel roundness and a dark brown colour.

Mile 49 Pale Ale: Along the Grand Trunk Railway, Old 49 was the mile marker for Tete Jaune – named after the Iroquois-Metis explorer who blazed a trail through the mountains. Not long after settlement, the region’s first brewery sprang up. Three Ranges is picking up where Tete Jaune Brewery left off, making unique beer for thirsty folk in a valley rich with history. Get lost in the beautiful citrus aroma, balanced bitterness and smooth finish. This may be where you hop off the train and stay awhile.

Up Swift Creek Pilsner: Going up swift creek is a crisp, refreshing adventure. The finest BC malted grains provide the sweetness of a classic pilsner with a hoppy Northwest twist. So clean and classy it’ll make you put your feet up and forget the paddle you lost. This one was inspired by the creek we draw our water from; the original name for Valemount – Swift Creek; and the feeling one gets in a spot of trouble. But if you sit back with a cold one, maybe it’ll work itself out.

All three beers are available in growlers at the brewery, and will soon by joined by Angry Beaver IPA and various seasonal and one-off brands.

For more details, see the Three Ranges website and Facebook page.

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