Yukon Brewing Launches Three Winter Seasonals


WHITEHORSE, YK – Canada’s northernmost brewery, Yukon Brewing, has announced the release of a trio of beers suitable for the holiday season.

Released in late November, Twinkle In Her Eye Fruitcake Ale is a festively flavoured ale described as follows:

Twinkle in Her Eye Fruitcake Ale contains a plethora of fruits, including apricot, red cherries, cranberries, and mandarin oranges. And, you can’t make fruitcake without some spices, so we used cinnamon sticks, pureed ginger, nutmeg, and whole cloves, all ground together fresh here at the brewery. And everybody knows you can’t stop there when making fruitcake, so we pitched in some molasses, some Demerara sugar, some rolled oats, and some whole vanilla beans for good measure. Twinkle in Her Eye is robust, with enough malt body to support that big fruity blast. It is a pleasant combination of sweet and tart, with an almost invisible bitterness. But, those flavours from the fruit surely do come up from behind and fill in the gap just as the swallow is headed south from your mouth.


Joining the seasonal line-up this week is Over The Moon Milk Stout, which is made – like most modern milk stouts – with lactose sugar, and which has the following tasting notes:

Our Over The Moon milk stout uses a combination of black malt, chocolate malt, and roasted barley for that distinctive stout flavour, plus oats for body. However, the addition of lactose sugar sweetens it up and rounds it off, resulting in a rich and creamy treat, full of mouthfeel.

Both of the above beers are currently available in growlers at the Yukon retail store, where they will be joined by the third seasonal – a Black Currant Kölsch – next week.

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