Big Rock Unveils New Packaging For Core Brands


CALGARY, AB – Following several weeks of hints and teaser images, Big Rock Brewery has unveiled fully redesigned graphics and packaging for its line-up of year-round brands.

Debuted last week via a special Big Rock Reveal website, the new labels and packages for Big Rock’s Grasshopper Wheat Ale, Traditional Ale, Warthog Mild Ale, India Pale Ale, Saaz Republic Pilz, Scottish Heavy Ale, McNally’s Extra and Honey Brown Lager feature completely new artwork and design.


The relaunch also includes a new style of bottle that features a pry-off rather than twist-off cap, and a less tapered shape that can be cleaned for refilling without the use of caustic chemicals, making it more environmentally friendly.

The new Big Rock packages are rolling out now in all markets where the brands are available. Select 6 and 12 packs include a free branded bottle opener for a limited time.

5 thoughts on “Big Rock Unveils New Packaging For Core Brands

  1. So here’s a question. How come with all this reporting on Big Rock’s great new packaging and unusually bottle, no one mentions the fact that the bottle is now 330 ml instead of 341 ml?

    Did anyone even notice amongst all the hoopla?


    1. A great point. This is what the industry calls a “Pack out” and is similar to what Heineken did with their bottle in Canada. Usually, less product but the same price.


  2. Did they pull that trick twice? I still have cans of Trad that are 355ml. 355 to 341 to 330 – HEY!

    I’ll pay more for full-size. Just don’t mess with my beer.

  3. Yeah that was my thoughts; been drinking trad a long while now.. new bottle.. ok.. not twist off.. minor annoyance.. the enviro thing is good.. then drop from 341ml to 330ml at the same price..

    Cmon bigrock..

    1. Been drinking Big Rock since the 80.s.


      Boycott til they bring back the 341’s .

      Plenty of other products to choose from, even from Alberta.

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