Granville Island Black Note Book Series Continues With Auld Skool Scottish Ale


VANCOUVER, BCGranville Island Brewing has announced details of the latest installment in its Black Note Book Series of limited edition small batch beers.

Auld Skool Scottish Ale is a renamed and tweaked version of the Granville Island Scottish Ale released in past years, and is described as follows:

The Scottish Ale category is at least as diverse as the Pale Ale category but tends more towards malt flavours, whereas Pale Ales tend to be more hop-forward. Scottish ales can range from light amber to dark brown in colour, dry to sweet, low alcohol to high. This year’s Auld Skool sits towards the bold end of things. Full-bodied and malt-forward, this re-vamped re-release is a bold brew of pale malt, crystal malt, roasted barley, a touch of wheat malt and Sterling hops. With bold coffee-like aromas and an off-dry finish, Auld Skool Scottish Ale has an ABV of 6.25% and a BU of 20 – making it the perfect brew to enjoy on a cold (or in Vancouver’s case, wet) day.

Auld Skool is available in a limited run of 650 ml bottles on sale now at the GIB Taproom and select liquor stores in British Columbia and Alberta.

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