Nova Scotia Changes Regulations to Allow At-Bar Growler Sales in Brewpubs


HALIFAX, NS – The Nova Scotia government has announced changes to liquor retailing regulations that will make it much easier for the province’s brewpubs to sell growlers to customers for home consumption.

Previously, brewpubs that wanted to sell beer to take out had to have a separate storefront for growler sales. Under the new rules, growlers can be sold from the bar until 10:00 PM, as long as the customer leaves with the sealed growler as soon as it is purchased.

In a Chronicle Herald story about the changes, Bruce Keith of the Hart & Thistle Gastropub & Brewery in Halifax says that they’re “not going to be selling thousands of growlers per year or anything, but the change will generate some extra business and we think it will be a wonderful marketing tool.”

The changes went into effect yesterday, and apply to all brewpubs in the province.

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