Town of Wolfville Considers Allowing Home-Based Businesses Following Nanobrewery Proposal


WOLFVILLE, NSThe Kings County Advertiser & Register reports that the town council of Wolfville, NS is considering changing zoning bylaws to allow businesses to operate in single-family dwellings following a presentation from a local resident who wants to open a home-based nanobrewery.

According to the article, Chris Killacky – a professor of theology at the Acadia Divinity College, and an avid homebrewer – would like to run a small commercial brewing operation from his basement workshop, with an aim to grow the business into a stand-alone microbrewery in the future.

Councillors voted 3-1 in favour of preparing a new report on the issue to be submitted to the Community Development Committee for consideration.

Allowing home-based businesses in homes zoned as R1 (residential, single-family) will require an amendment to Wolfville’s Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw which were approved in 2008.

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  1. We have preached from the Bible the evils of alcohol and getting drunk and the damage it brings to families. Now I read about a Christian professor who wants to create a micro brewery!
    I am blown away, not to mention the huge stumbling stone for people who are trying to get their lives back from being an alcoholic.
    This professor should rethink his decision. Paul Dunn

    • Well said, Paul. I, too, am quite surprised and disappointed. M <.