Steamworks Imperial Red Ale Now Available


VANCOUVER, BCSteamworks Brewing has announced the release of a new limited edition seasonal brew that it describes as “a beer to be sipped and savoured”.

Steamworks Imperial Red Ale is an 8.5% strong ale that has the following tasting notes:

Our Imperial Red Ale is packed full of intense hop bitterness, flavour & aroma, balanced with complex alcohol flavours and medium-high caramel malt character. This full bodied ale is dark copper in colour with dominant pine, fruit and floral hop aromas. You will find toffee and caramel-like notes on your palate with agressive hop flavour and bitterness.

Steamworks Imperial Red Ale was released earlier this month in a limited run of 650 ml bottles available at select liquor stores in BC. It is also available on tap at several craft beer friendly bars and restaurants, including the Steamworks Brew Pub in Vancouver.

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