Yukon Brewing Unveils Imperial 69 Pilsner as Latest Limited Release


WHITEHORSE, YTYukon Brewing has announced a tweaked and amped-up take on a Pilsner as its latest limited edition one off beer.

Imperial 69 Pilsner – named after its abv strength of 6.9% – was brewed using a unique combination of malts:

As a pilsner style lager, we brewed Imperial 69 largely with pilsner malt, rather than the normal pale malt. However, we threw a bit of a spin on that as well. The brewers used a wee bit of chocolate malt for just a little touch of colour. They used some acidulated malt, also known as sour malt, which introduces lactic acid to the mix. Lactic acid gives the beer a little bit of a sour tone, sharpening up the crisp pilsner flavour. And, to add some zing to the result, in went about 10% malted rye. Now, rye is a pretty aggressive flavour – as an Imperial Pilsner, we felt that the malt bill should give Imperial 69 a bit more zip than a normal pilsner.

Combined with a hop bill that included Sterling in addition to the traditional Saaz, the result is described as “a beer with clean crisp lager flavour, but with something else going on.”

Imperial 69 Pilsner is available now for growler fills at the Yukon retail store while supplies last.

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