Alley Kat Reviving Scona Gold Name for New Gulten-Reduced Kölsch


EDMONTON, ABAlley Kat Brewing is getting set to bring back the name its long-retired Scona Gold Cream Ale, but not the beer itself, as the moniker will now be used for a new low-gluten beer.

Scona Gold Kölsch is a 5% abv golden ale that is described as follows:

This light German style ale is a delightfully crisp and refreshing beer that is sure to be a thirst quencher. Whether you’re new to craft beer, or a seasoned veteran of the scene this simple yet flavourful ale will be sure to please.

This revived version of Scona Gold is brewed using barley, but with a special process that reduces the gluten content to below 20 ppm. As noted on the website, this means the beer is considered gluten-reduced rather than gluten-free, but it should still be suitable for drinkers with some forms of gluten intolerance.

Scona Gold Kölsch will be available starting April 7th in bottle six-packs and kegs, replacing Charlie Flint’s Lager in the core Alley Kat line-up.

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