Muskoka Detour Gets Full Retail Rollout


GRAVENHURST, ON – Following on December preview at the brewery store and a limited launch at select Beer Store locations last month, Muskoka Brewery has announced a full retail rollout for its newest brand.

Muskoka Detour is “an approachable IPA (that) is both refreshing and easy to drink,” according to Muskoka founder Gary McMullen. Sitting at 4.3% abv and 30 IBU, Detour is Mukoka’s contribution to the increasingly popular “session IPA” style, and is described as follows:

Detour’s bold, rewarding aroma and pleasant flavour come from the combination of its unique hopping process, plus dry hopping. This process involves adding hops to the beer after fermentation, leaving a fresh, appealing scent. Then, unlike more typical sessionable beers, Detour does a u-turn away from filtration, resulting in delicious, palatable flavours and a clean, smooth finish. The entire practice works together to shape the final product and its undeniably distinguished taste characteristics.

Muskoka Detour is now available at LCBO outlets throughout Ontario. It also remains available at the Beer Store, as well as the Muskoka retail store in Gravenhurst.

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