Mill Street Palomar Diablo Now Available at Ottawa Brew Pub


OTTAWA, ONMill Street Brewery has announced the launch of a new limited variation of Mill Street Palomar chipotle and lime ale that has been brewed exclusively for Mill Street Brew Pub Ottawa.

Mill Street Palomar Diablo is an 8.5% abv dark ale that is described by brewmaster Joel Manning as follows:

It has the smokey pepper and lime character of the regular Palomar but punched up in a darker malt base and pure chocolate extract added to it. To finish it off, we Nitrogen charge this beer to add to the creaminess and to take the edge of the otherwise overwhelming combination of flavours in there. Lime, chipotle and chocolate – now that’s a real Mexican flavour combo that will just make you happy in March in Ottawa when you’ve just about had it with winter!

Palomar Diablo will be available on tap at the Ottawa Brew Pub while supplies last.

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