Steam Whistle Dropped from Rogers Centre Beer Concessions


TORONTO, ONBen Johnson at BlogTO reports that after a year of being the only locally owned and brewed craft beer available at Toronto Blue Jays games, Steam Whistle Brewing has been told by Aramark Canada, foodservices company for the Rogers Centre, that their contract will not be renewed for the 2014 season.

This move means that the only beer available at Blue Jays games will be those from Labatt Breweries and partner brands in the AB InBev family, making the Rogers Centre the only stadium in Major League Baseball to not offer local craft beer to game attendees.

The BlogTO article notes that Steam Whistle has been gracious in their response to the move, thanking fans for their support last year and encouraging pre- and post-game visits to the brewery, which is located just across the street from Rogers Centre. They will also be holding Season Opener celebrations at the brewery on Friday April 4th to Sunday April 6th, as detailed on the Steam Whistle website.

10 thoughts on “Steam Whistle Dropped from Rogers Centre Beer Concessions

  1. Not sure how we are supposed to visit them when they always seem to be hosting a private event. Each of the 5 times I’ve tried visiting on a Friday or Saturday evening they’ve been closed to the public…

  2. way to go rogers … I do NOT and will not drink Labatts at all .so i will get timmies or water .

  3. I can’t taste the difference between Steam Whistle and Stella Artois anyway, so no big loss. Had their been better “craft” options i might shed a tear.

  4. I wouldn’t buy any beer at Rogers Centre period…..for the prices they charge, $11.50 for a 473ml can, seriously? Steam Whistle is a one trick pony anyway….kudos to them for sticking with one beer since the beginning, but the thing is….its not a very good tasting pilsner anyway.

  5. Two dispicable companies fighting to keep a monopoly for themselves. Adding insult to injury, Labbat is hardly a Canadian company. Nice one. What a joke.

  6. Wow, way to look out for your customers…. People love not having choice, and five versions of light lager is not choice…. The rest of the world is embracing craft beer and Toronto takes a big step back.

  7. Its crappiola anyways. How about offering the Amsterdam Boneshaker IPA or something from Great Lakes, both local. I hate, hate, hate any food stand that is run by Aramark. Their employees look miserable (so they get crappy wages and treated poorly), they ration food portions like there’s a food shortage even though you’re paying premium and the end result is a mess. Please boycott Aramark.

  8. That is no surprise at all. Everything at the Rogers Center is a rip off and this just proves it. I’ll drink pop before anything from Labatts.

  9. @Chris The brewery closes dailey at 6pm for private events. Any time prior to that swing by and have a complimentary taste or a tour.

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