BarNone Releasing RedEye PA for East Coast Music Week Event


CHARLOTTETOWN, PEThe Guardian newspaper reports that PEI’s BarNone Brewing has brewed up a new beer for a unique event that will be running non-stop during next week’s East Coast Music Week festival in Charlottetown.

The 150-Hour Jam at Baba’s Lounge (81 University Ave., Charlottetown) will be kicking off next Tuesday April 1st and will continue straight through to Sunday April 6th, with hourly performances by a wide variety of musicians from throughout the Atlantic provinces.

Asked to create a beer especially for the event, BarNone came up with RedEye PA, a “bold, flavourful and unique” red ale that the Atlantic Canada Beer Blog reports was “brewed with 150 kg of malt and 150 oz of hops, with a 150 minute boil time, coming in at – you guessed it – 150 IBUs.”

The beer and event are also intended to mark the 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference, a milestone that is being celebrated with a variety of events throughout the year.

BarNone Red IPA will be available exclusively at Baba’s Lounge during the 150-Hour Jam, after which is it likely to pop up at other establishments and at the brewery’s Thursday night growler sales.

One thought on “BarNone Releasing RedEye PA for East Coast Music Week Event

  1. What’s the point of a 150 minute boil? Is it just a cute marketing gimmick to match the malt and hops amounts?

    When you start boiling over 120 minutes it’s likely you’ll see a breakdown of the isomerized AA, not an increase. You’re also likely to be redisolving hot break and breaking the trub into very small pieces. Seems like they are defeating the purpose. I’d be very interested to hear the brewer’s explanation. I’m not the only one puzzled by this.

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