Beau’s Announces Nothing of Interest Today


In a rare move for the usually busy Beau’s All Natural Brewing, the Vankleek Hill brewery had “nothing of interest” happening today (April 1st). And in a not-so-rare move, they issued a press release to let everyone know about it.

The full press release follows below:

OTTAWA, ON – Beau’s All Natural will release zero new beers today, the Eastern Ontario brewery announced early this morning. In fact, the folks at Beau’s intend to do nothing innovative or award-winning for the duration of the day. The announcement oddly punctuates a seven-year history that includes 78 different beers released, more than $450,000 in donations to charity, community and the arts, and 60+ awards for brewing, sustainability and marketing excellence.

The interesting, unique organic ingredients typical in Beau’s diverse range of beer styles will remain in storage today, brewers have stated; they have absolutely no plans to brew or package any tasty Lug Tread Lagered Ale. Instead of filtering 30,000L of beer as usual, brewer Kevin will be working on his backspin moves in anticipation of a killer breakdancing showdown later today with production planner Phil Beauchesne (who ironically will be practicing the worm). And while the newly renovated tap room and retail store onsite at the brewery will remain open, staff will be using the larger, open-concept space simply to take super-big steps and measure their strides.

The creative department’s vibrant, dynamic office will remain shuttered for the morning as well. “We figure we might play some Catan or something,” offered up Beau’s Creative Director Jordan Bamforth, whose team garnered both Platinum and Gold Awards at Mondial de la Biere in 2013, as well as an Applied Arts Award last year in the Wine-Beer-Spirits category. “Otherwise [designer] Eddy’s got a copy of Season 2 of Everyone Loves Raymond, we could always make a dent in that,” Bamforth added.

The boisterous, cowboy-hat-sporting Special Events Lead Frazer Hadwin will similarly not be speaking with representatives from any of the exciting 2014 music and art festivals that will serve up Beau’s beers this summer. “Just nothing in my appointment book this morning – totally weird,” said Hadwin. “Especially considering how busy my tomorrow looks!”

Sales Manager Jamie Kaufman has asked his team of nearly a dozen friendly, service-oriented sales reps to take it easy as well, with no tap takeovers or tasting events at the nearly 1,000 restaurants and pubs across Ontario that serve Beau’s Lug Tread. Kaufman is planning on an uninspired Apr. 1 himself: he expects to visit a local, family-run hardware store to purchase a bathtub plug. Toronto sales rep Rob Morra will keep a low profile, spending the better part of his day trimming his epic moustache and watching classic Wilford Brimley online.

Beau’s All Natural co-founder Steve Beauchesne, who will spend a quiet morning at home, commented on the surprisingly uneventful day for the fast-growing, busy Eastern Ontario craft brewery. “I thought we should let a little slack in the rope. It’s got to be about time for Beau’s to take some time to reflect now, right?” Beauchesne was then directed to his own living room, a space where he was told people “sometimes relax.”

Beauchesne notes that despite the unusual lull today, tomorrow things will be in full swing again, as Beau’s gears up for spring and their 10th beer release of the year on April 3: an innovative, unique and inspired Mexican Spiced Ale called Channel Ocho, brewed with chipotle, real cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, and cocoa.

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