Canadian Beer News Sold to Molson Coors, To Be Rebranded as Molson Canadian Beer News


TORONTO, ONCanadian Beer News is pleased to announce that after months of negotiations, a deal has been reached that will see the site taken over by Molson Coors Canada and rebranded as Molson Canadian Beer News effective later today (April 1st).

“We at Molson Coors have always been impressed by the coverage that CBN has given to Canada’s brewing industry,” said Molson Coors spokeswoman Avril Poisson. “We’ve been especially taken by its coverage of the craft brewing industry. And since we own two of Canada’s oldest craft breweries – Creemore Springs and Granville Island – we decided it was only fair that we should own CBN as well. So we bought it for a whole lot of money, because that’s how big companies do things.”

“Partnering with Molson Coors is like a dream come true for me,” stated CBN founder and dirty corporate sell-out Greg Clow. “Or more accurately, the ridiculous amount of money that they paid me for the site is a dream come true.”

“Seriously, it’s an absolutely huge pile of cash,” Clow added. “I’m like Scrooge McDuck all up in here! Woo!”

Rumours that Labatt is planning a similar move to take ownership of competing website Beer in Canada and rebrand it as Labatt Blue in Canada have yet to be confirmed.

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  1. man you guys totally got me, i was all like WTF!!! this is BS!!!

  2. Bud

    haha good one. Had me going for a minute there.