Beau’s Channel Ocho Mexican Spiced Ale Released Tomorrow


VANKLEEK HILL, ONBeau’s All Natural Brewing has announced the release this week of the latest installment in the Wild Oats series of experimental one-off beers, this one influenced by the spicy flavours of Mexican cuisine.

Channel Ocho Mexican Spiced Ale is a 8.9% abv dark ale that is described as follows:

Channel Ocho has been judiciously spiced with chipotle peppers, real cinnamon sticks, and whole cloves for a mild heat that tickles the palate, and a warming effect that lingers. Beau’s brewer Brian O’Donnell conceived the beer recipe, which he says was born of nostalgia for Mexican home cooking. The ingredients, which include cocoa nibs and cocoa powder, were inspired by a recipe for Mexican hot chocolate. The mahogany-coloured unfiltered brew incorporates abbey ale yeast, imparting a natural peppery, spicy character, subtle earthiness, and some banana esters, which mingle with hints of stone fruit.

Channel Ocho will be released tomorrow (Thursday April 3rd) in a limited run of 600 ml bottles at the Beau’s brewery retail store and BYBO delivery service, and on tap at select bars and pubs throughout Ontario.

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