Sleeman Bock Returns in New Sleeman Seasonal Selections Pack

sleeman_seasonalselections_spring2014 GUELPH, ONSleeman Breweries has announced that a beer previously available in 2009 under the now defunct “John Sleeman Presents” banner will be returning for a limited time.

Sleeman Bock is a 6% abv dark lager brewed with pale and Munich malts and Hallertau hops, and described as having “rich caramel, toffee and malt aromas with a smooth full body.”

Sleeman Bock will be available exclusively in the Spring/Summer 2014 edition of Sleeman Seasonal Selections, a mixed 12 and 24 pack that also includes bottles of Sleeman Cream Ale, Honey Brown and Silver Creek Lager. Distribution details and pricing for the packages will vary by province.

A Fall/Winter edition of the Seasonal Selections package will follow later this year, and will feature a brand new beer that is currently being developed.

4 thoughts on “Sleeman Bock Returns in New Sleeman Seasonal Selections Pack

  1. It’s nice to see a new brand/can package…Silver Creek Lager…here in Ontario (was launched in cans in Quebec in 2004). I was getting ready to write Sleeman for some new alternatives! But, the pack I bought on Saturday…no mention of Bock; 4 each of Cream Ale, Honey Brown and Lager. Bock would be nice too!

    1. Jim – I’m pretty sure the Bock will only be available in the bottle version of the Selections pack, not the can version.

      1. Right, thanks. The can pack SKU was the only one listed at TBS last week, so perhaps they will be adding the bottle pack this week or next.

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