“The Perfect Keg” by Ian Coutts Out Next Month from Greystone Books


KINGSTON, ON – Author Ian Coutts has announced the upcoming release of The Perfect Keg, a book chronicling his adventures in creating a homebrewed beer from scratch.

Subtitled Sowing, Scything, Malting and Brewing My Way to the Best Ever Pint of Beer, the new book is due out next month from Greystone Books – the same publisher that issued Coutt’s previous book, Brew North, in 2010 – and it has the following summary description:

In an entertaining year-long devotion to the near-religious art of brewing beer, Ian Coutts sets out to make the perfect keg. This beer didn’t start with a beer-making kit, which is what most homebrewers use. And it didn’t rely on pre-roasted industrial malt, which is how commercial brewers do it. Coutts made his own malt, and he grew his own barley. Hops, too. Yeast, he went out and captured. And that’s it. With this beer, the only additives were knowledge and history.

There were plenty of adventures and misadventures along the way, but Coutts writes about them with humour and aplomb, proving it is possible to make the perfect keg of wholly natural beer in one year.

The Perfect Keg by Ian Coutts will be officially released on May 24th, although pre-orders via Amazon and Indigo may ship sooner. The 208 page paperback has a suggested retail price of $19.95 in Canada and $17.95 in the US.

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