Dandy Brewing Opening in Calgary Next Month


CALGARY, AB – Prairie beer blog OnBeer.org reports that beer drinkers in Alberta will soon be able to enjoy the results of last year’s changes to minimum alcohol production laws, as the province’s first nanobrewery is getting set to open soon in Calgary.

The Dandy Brewing Company is a small start-up from a team of four local homebrewers who intend to specialize in British styled & inspired ales.

Aiming for a June opening, the brewery will be launching with two brands – Dandy in the Underworld, “a sweet oyster-style stout (with no oysters added)”; and Golden Brown Dandy Ale, which is “not overly bitter but has a complex hop schedule.”

Regarding the name of the brewery, partner Benjamin Leon explains it as follows:

The name of the brewery comes out of their homebrewing days. “We are nuts about British ales, everything we did was based on British style ales”, Leon reports. “We started naming beer after British people. We were kind of into the Dandy culture, with the top hats, etc. We just started calling the homebrewery the Dandy brewery.”

Leon explains that Dandy culture is extravagant and carefree. “A Dandy is someone who indulges. They don’t care much for the severity of things. It is very much ‘I am going to buy this sequined tuxedo or this giant art piece – just because’. When we buy beer, it is just for us, it is self-indulgent. It won’t end world hunger, change politics, it is just beer, but it is fun.”

For more details on Dandy Brewing and its pending opening date, see the brewery’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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