Woodhouse Brewing Launching This Summer in Toronto


TORONTO, ONBlogTO reports that a new brewing company will be launching in Toronto this summer, and will follow the rare model of focusing on a single brand.

Woodhouse Brewing is being founded by ex-Labatt employee Graham Woodhouse, and will exclusively offer the simply named Woodhouse Lager, an all-malt premium lager that BlogTO’s Ben Johnson describes as follows:

It’s a 5% amber lager, meaning it pours a sort of rusty brown – as opposed to your standard pale yellow lager – owing to the use of imported crystal malt. It’s a simple, crisp, and easy-to-drink lager that is single-hopped with Hallertaur Hersbrucker hops and tends a bit to the sweeter side. It’s got a great aroma – really sweet, verging almost on fruity – and there’s some underlying caramel on the nose from all the malt, too.

While that might seem like this beer has a lot going on, it’s really all quite subtle, making this an extremely inoffensive beer with little to no aftertaste that seems well suited to Woodhouse’s intended patio-dwelling demographic.

Woodhouse Lager is currently being refined via test batches being brewed at Maclean’s Ales, with commercial production to start soon under contract at Cool Brewing in Etobicoke. The beer is expected to be rolled out on draught in time for Canada Day, and retail distribution at the LCBO in 473 ml cans will follow at a later date.

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