Bellwoods No Rest For The Wicked Out in Bottles Tomorrow


TORONTO, ONBellwoods Brewery has announced details of a limited bottle release for beer described as a “cousin” to a pair of previously released brands.

No Rest For The Wicked is a 9.5% abv barrel aged sour stout that has some similarities to No Sleep Till Brooklyn, a collaboration with Evil Twin Brewing released last summer, and Donkey Venom, a Brett-barrel aged porter that debuted in December.

The new beer is described as follows:

Because we love the interplay of tart and roasty so much, we decided to brew a similar style, this time with a revamped malt body and more bugs! Yes, that’s right, this stout is a veritable mecca for the sorts of yummy bacteria that make you pucker. With strong notes of cocoa, delicious undertones of sour cherry, complex brett-derived aromatics, and a 6 month power nap, this beer is one of those perfect sippers we wish we could keep all to ourselves.

No Rest For The Wicked has been available on tap at the Bellwoods brewpub since late April, and will be released tomorrow (May 9th) in a run of 2000 bottles that will be available exclusively in the Bellwoods retail store, where it will sell for $10 per 500 ml bottle.

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