Molson Canadian 67 Tangerine Twist Now Available


TORONTO, ONMolson Coors Canada has announced the release of a new flavoured edition of the low-alcohol and low-calorie lager Molson Canadian 67, a second extension to the brand following the launch three years ago of the lime-flavoured Molson Canadian 67 Sublime.

The new Molson Canadian 67 Tangerine Twist is described as having a “crisp and fresh taste (with) a splash of tangerine flavor that goes perfectly with summer.” As with the other Canadian 67 brands, it sits at 3% abv with 67 calories per 341 ml serving.

Molson Canadian 67 Tangerine Twist is available now in most regions of Canada in 6-packs of bottles and 12-packs of cans. It is also featured alongside the Sublime and unflavoured versions of the beer in a Molson Canadian 67 Summer Taster 12-pack in select areas.

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  1. LOL. You couldn’t pay me to drink this swill.

    • You would probably have the same comment about Waterloo Grapefruit Radler. The beer trend this year is Radlers, more Shandys, and flavoured beers. The Waterloo Radler is a very smart idea, based upon the success of last year’s Stiegl Radler…which they cannot keep in stock. The Waterloo product is quite good and I know store Managers/LCBO employees raving about it. Beer or not, at the end of the day the cash register is $$$.

    • BrL

      Im normally a huge beer purist, hell I even think Lagers are bad normally. Surprisingly I actually really liked this beer, it has a really low % alcohol so I can drink a few and not have to worry about driving later, also it is not sweet like juice, just has a little hint of it.

      I have already made my way through my second 15 can pack. Everyone who tries it says that same thing ” that is surprisingly good”.

  2. Might be cheaper and just as refreshing to buy Tangerine juice.

  3. I think I will try some :) I bought some PC non alcohol beer last night. I made it through 2 sips. Its going in the garbage lol.
    But the Molson67 may just be ok with my diet plan.