Lake of Bays River Walker Summer Seasonal Returns


BAYSVILLE, ONLake of Bays Brewing has announced the return of its summer seasonal brand for a second year, albeit with a few tweaks from last year’s original edition.

River Walker Ginger Lemon Ale is a 6% abv spiced golden ale that has been given a slightly different name (previously River Walker Summer Ale), and has had its bitterness level reduced (65 IBU versus last year’s 85). The resulting beer has the following tasting notes:

This uniquely refreshing ale arrives with a brilliant golden hue. The foam is white, creamy and very dense. Aromatics are soft and fresh, with freshly-grated ginger and a hint of lemon drops that becomes more apparent when the beer warms slightly. The body echoes the aromas, with spice and citrus on the forefront and just a wisp of crusty bread. Mouth feel is balanced, with a crisp finish in which in which the citrus and spice characteristics remain.

River Walker is available now in 750 ml bottles at the Lake of Bays retail store, and will be on shelves soon at select LCBO locations.

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