Side Launch Brewing Completes Rebranding of Denison’s Beers & Announces Third Flagship Brand


COLLINGWOOD, ONSide Launch Brewing has revealed the final details of its three flagship products – two of them rebranded versions of beers originally available under the now retired Denison’s Brewing imprint owned by Side Launch brewmaster and co-owner Michael Hancock, and the third a new beer that will be debuting soon.

Side Launch Dark Lager (previously Denison’s Dunkel) was the first beer to be offered under the new label when it was launched on draught last December. It’s described as follows:

An authentic Munich style lager, it is characteristically a little sweet in the start, followed by a good malt character & continuing with a long and complex finish. Brewed with a majority of Bavarian malt, including special dark malt from Bamberg to give it unusual smoothness. It is a great session beer.

Side Launch Wheat (previously Denison’s Weissbier) is the newest release from the brewery, with the following notes:

An authentic Bavarian style wheat beer, served unfiltered with its natural yeast and proteins. Using a traditional special yeast, the beer is bursting with flavours that may surprise you. Reminiscent of bananas, cloves, and lemons, it has become a year round favourite and one of the best in its class!

Finally, Side Launch Pale Ale is being prepped for a summer roll-out, and has the following description:

A North America Pale Ale that marries the best of traditional English and modern American pale ale styles. We use Canadian Superior Pale Malt and a blend of traditional North American hops to create a very well balanced session beer with character.

Side Launch Wheat is available now in 473 ml cans at select LCBO locations, where it will be joined by the Pale Ale in mid-summer, and the Dark Lager in the fall. All three beers will also be available in cans at the Side Launch retail store when it opens soon – see the Side Launch Facebook page for more details.

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