Yukon Brewing Launches Bomber Bottle Series With Yukon Holiday Kölsch


WHITEHORSE, YKYukon Brewing has announced the launch of a new series of limited edition beers in the 650 ml bomber bottle format, with the debut release being a beer with a name and label inspired by the classic Gergory Peck and Audrey Hepburn film Roman Holiday.

Yukon Holiday is a version of the German Kölsch beer style that is described as follows:

Traditionally this beer was made with a single pilsner malt. We changed it up a bit by using some Vienna malt, giving a bit of breadiness, and some malted wheat for some citrusy notes. Hopping is light, and done with traditional Czech Saaz hops. And, and, in traditional fashion, while an ale this beer was fermented more like a lager, long and cool. Alcohol content is 5.0% abv, which is pretty much in the middle of the range for the style.

Yukon Holiday is available now in bombers at the Yukon Brewing retail store, and at liquor and beer stores throughout Alberta. Further installments in the bomber series will be announced soon.

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