Yukon Brewing Releases Annual Birch Sap Ale


WHITEHORSE, YKYukon Brewing has announced that a tradition started in 2007 has continued once again this year, with the release of an annual seasonal beer made with sap harvested from local birch trees.

Named Up The Creek Birch Sap Ale for this year’s release, the unique beer is made using sap that has been reduced somewhat by boiling, but not to the point of the table syrup which is the usual final product. The beer is described as follows:

Due to the nature of an ingredient as natural as birch syrup, every year we get slightly different results, flavour-wise. This year’s version is definitely sweeter than last year’s version. This is generally expected, as birch sap is mostly fructose, which is a complex sugar that does not ferment until it is broken down into simpler sugars. Up The Creek is very layered, with pungency shining through the entire swallow, at both the front and the back. Think full bodied honey ale, with a large dose of birch zestiness. Or don’t think – just try some.

Up The Creek is available now while supplies last at the brewery store in growlers and 650 ml bottles, with the latter format also available at select stores in Alberta.

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