Beau’s MaddAddamites NooBroo Collaboration With Margaret Atwood & Graeme Gibson Now Available


VANKLEEK HILL, ONBeau’s All Natural Brewing has announced the release of the latest installment in the Wild Oats series of experimental one-off beers, this one created in collaboration with renowned Canadian authors and environmentalists Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson to raise funds for the Pelee Island Bird Observatory (PIBO).

As first announced in April, MaddAddamites NooBroo is a gruit inspired by scenes in Atwood’s latest novel MaddAddam involving the harvesting of various plants and botanicals.

The beer – which served as Beau’s contribution to the “Collaboration Nation” aspect of the Session Craft Beer Festival in Toronto last weekend – is described by Atwood herself as follows:

From its elusive, intriguing aroma to its subtle yet celebratory aftertaste, this light but substantial beer has mysterious undertones of rosehips, elderberries, and mountain herbs, with a deeper tone of roots and woodsy bark. Fresh and spring-like, confident and down-to-earth yet inspirational, rooted in the wild world of foraging and gathering, NooBroo is everything the MaddAddamites would wish an all natural beer to be. Saint Euell Gibbons himself would applaud it!

MaddAddamites NooBroo is available starting today (June 19th) in a limited run of 600 ml bottles at the Beau’s brewery retail store and BYBO delivery service, and on tap at select bars and pubs throughout Ontario, with proceeds to be donated to PIBO for its ongoing research.

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