BRU-V Glassware Coming Close to Kickstarter Fundraising Goal


TORONTO, ON – With a day and a half left to go on its Kickstarter campaign, the crowd-funding initiative for BRU-V – a pint glass that protects beer from harmful UV rays – is coming close to its target goal.

Developed in Toronto by partners Ian Ritchie, Michael Mavian and Alan Wood, the BRU-V glass is made from amber-brown material similar to that used for most beer bottles. The intent of the design is to block the beer from being exposed to UV rays that can react with the hops, causing it to become “skunky” before it’s finished.

Thanks in part to a great deal of media exposure, the project has raised almost $33,000 in pledges towards the $35,000 goal that must be reached for the funding to go ahead. Those interested in helping the company raise the remaining amount can pledge a donation to the campaign until 9:42 PM tomorrow (July 17th), with various incentives available for contributions of $10 or more.

For more details, see the BRU-V website and Facebook page.

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