Ribstone Creek Scraps Release of FirePit Wit Summer Seasonal


EDGERTON, ABRibstone Creek Brewery has announced that the planned release of summer seasonal brand FirePit Wit has been scrapped due to an issue with the brewing process.

As head brewer Aaron Hogarth explains in a post on the Ribstone Creek website

Not unlike most types of farming, yeast farming is an art in itself and as a brewery still in its infancy we are always refining our processes. We attempted a new in-house yeast propagation technique on our new pilot system. Fermentation started vigorously then slowed to the point that it wouldn’t finish out. We attempted to rouse the yeast to get it going again, but weren’t able to bring it back from the dead.

We refuse to put out products that we are not proud of and can’t stand behind. So down the drain our FirePit Wit went.

Production of all other Ribstone Creek beers remains unaffected by this setback, and the release of Lone Bison IPA in cans should go ahead soon as planned.

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