NB Liquor Drops Minimum Sales Quota for New Breweries


FREDERICTON, NBThe Canadian Press reports that NB Liquor has dropped a controversial new sales policy that would have required new breweries in New Brunswick to sell at least 10,000 litres of beer through the government-owned ANBL retail store chain before being issued a license for on-site retail and direct sales.

News of the policy first broke in July when Railcar Brewing, a new brewery opening soon in Florenceville-Bristol, was informed of the quota and owner Mitch Biggar took the issue to the media.

Following a subsequent meeting between Biggar and Brian Harriman, president and CEO of NB Liquor, Railcar was made exempt from the policy, and Harriman said that the Crown corporation would “have further discussion with New Brunswick microbrewers to see if there is a way we can achieve the governance we require, without creating undue barriers or pain for new brewers.”

In today’s announcement, Harriman indicated that NB Liquor came to the conclusion that the new policy would be too much of a barrier for new breweries, and that safety concerns about new beers would instead be addressed having them tested at an independent food inspection lab with the corporation covering the costs.

independent food inspection lab

2 thoughts on “NB Liquor Drops Minimum Sales Quota for New Breweries

  1. Will they also require macro-breweries to submit their beer for independent inspection…?

  2. This is great news for small start-ups in New Brunswick. 10,000 litres was unreasonable for a communityy nano. I do understand the need to vaidate quality and I’m very happy to see that this is part of the new rules. I’ve seen far too many ameteur homebrewers, who turned professional, selling horribly infected and defective beer. The quality rule should have been in place before some NB micros received their licence.

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