Molson Coors Canada Expands Marketing Partnership with Heineken


TORONTO, ONMolson Coors Canada has announced has it has extended and expanded its marketing partnership with Heineken N.V., signing a new multi-year agreement that will see Molson Coors representing five additional brands from the Dutch company’s international portfolio.

Having already represented Heineken, Murphy’s, Newcastle and Strongbow in Canada for a number of years, Molson Coors will  also assume the rights to market and sell Dos Equis, Sol, Tecate, Birra Moretti and Desperados as of 2015.

“We are excited that Heineken has chosen us to take on the stewardship of their full portfolio of brands in Canada,” said Stewart Glendinning, CEO and president of Molson Coors Canada, in a statement. “We have had a valued partnership with Heineken in Canada for many years and, as always, we will remain focused on building the Heineken portfolio of brands through strong marketing support, investment and innovation.”heineken_portfolio_fullWhile these additional brands are not new to many Canadian beer drinkers, bringing them into the same fold as the other Heineken brands is a win for Molson Coors, as it gives them a larger portion of the imported beer segment that makes up 14% of the overall market in Canada, with sales increases of more than 4% over the past year.

4 thoughts on “Molson Coors Canada Expands Marketing Partnership with Heineken

  1. Don’t drink any of them. Typical of Molson Coors. I only drink locally made hand crafted beer.

    1. Chris, I do the same however I’ve very selective about which locally made beers I drink. There are so many new nano and micro beers that are poorly made and taste like crap. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have more than their share.

  2. Molson also as locally made handcraft beer, as a well documented drinker you should know that ;)

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