Wild Craft Brewery Breaks Ground in Lethbridge


LETHBRIDGE, ABGlobal News reports that an official groundbreaking has taken place for Wild Craft Brewery, a brewery and restaurant that will be the first brewery to operate in the Southern Alberta region since the closure of the Molson-owned House of Lethbridge more than 25 years ago.

Set to be located at the corner of 43rd Street and Highway 3 in a rapidly developing area on the eastern side of Lethbridge, the 21,000 square foot Wild Craft facility will feature a 5,000 square foot restaurant and a 35 hectolitre brewing system that will produce beer for both on-site consumption and take-away sales.

Wild Craft is expected to open in spring 2015. For more details, see the brewery website and Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Wild Craft Brewery Breaks Ground in Lethbridge

  1. Awesome to see a new Brewery in Lethbridge.Can’t wait to see this restaurant when it is completed and try the Beer.I am very happy for the city.Also love the company Logo,really eye catching and classy.The Beer must be awesome to win awards over all them other big Brewery’s.

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