Steam Whistle Honours Canada’s Railway History with 2014 Retro Opener


TORONTO, ONSteam Whistle Brewing has revealed the design of this year’s 10th anniversary edition of its Retro Opener, a popular promotional item that is distributed in cases of Steam Whistle each year.

The unique design pays tribute to The Last Spike, the ceremonial rail spike that was driven into the Canadian Pacific Railway line at Craigellachie, BC on November 7, 1885 to mark the completion of the national railway.

The 2014 Retro Opener will be available in specially labelled 6 and 12 packs of Steam Whistle Pilsner sold at Ontario Beer Store and LCBO locations while supplies last.

2 thoughts on “Steam Whistle Honours Canada’s Railway History with 2014 Retro Opener

  1. Sybil here from Steam Whistle. The in-case openers will be shipped across the country as well – on their way to BC (6packs), Manitoba and Alberta already (6 and 12packs) . We’ve just listed our Pilsner in Saskatchewan a week ago, so they will get the openers too! PEI takes small orders infrequently so there may be a really limited number shipped to that province as well.

    1. Sybil….a heartfelt token of my gratitude to your company for sending me “The Last Spike Retro Opener”. Initially, I went to the beer store and they were out of the cases that had said opener in stock. In a nutshell, I was disappointed because I’m new to Steam Whistle. I sent you guys an e-mail via Facebook and they rushed out a bottle opener to me. WOW… about customer service. I’ve been working in a customer service call centre for over 13 years now so trust me when I say I was blown away by the PR gesture you guys exhibited when you sent me out that opener. When I got my bottle opener, the only thing on my mind was : I GOTTA GET ME SOME OF THAT ‘STEAM WHISTLE’. So I visited my local Beer Store, and I bought a two-four of your beer & a 12 pack as well (neither of which had the promoted bottle opener in them) but since you guys sent me one out, I thought ‘What the hell?!’ and I bought your beer. It’s a great beer. Goes down easy. I just wanted to say : THANK YOU!!!!!

      You guys make a great tasting drink, and it’s really nice after a 12 hour shift (I do a lot of overtime). Goes down easy and takes the edge off. Love from Brampton, Ontario, Canada. :)

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