ANBL Launches Growler Sales Pilot Project


FREDERICTON, NBThe Atlantic Canada Beer Blog reports that the ANBL pilot project for sales of growlers has launched today (September 4th) at three locations, albeit with some slight derivation from the original plan.

While announced in July as being focussed exclusively on “craft or import beers,” the initial nine brands to be featured in the program include several from multinational and larger regional breweries. According to the ACBB article, several smaller New Brunswick breweries indicated that they have declined to participate in the project – at least initially – due to “lack of details on pricing and volume requirements, as well as packaging concerns.”

The first beers to be offered include the following:

Prospect St., Fredericton: Picaroons Selection DIPA, Unibroue Ephemere Cranberry, Labatt Shock Top Belgian Wheat

Dieppe: Pump House IPA, Flying Monkeys Genius of Suburbia, Creemore Springs Premium Lager

Kennebecasis Valley: Moosehead Boundary Ale, McAuslan Pumpkin Ale, Flying Monkeys Hoptical Illusion

Customers must purchase a ANBL branded growler for $8 to participate in the program, with fills ranging in price from $8 to $15 depending on the beer. Picaroons and Pump House will each retain an exclusive tap in the Prospect St. and Dieppe locations respectively, and the other seven taps will rotate through beers and breweries as sales dictate.

5 thoughts on “ANBL Launches Growler Sales Pilot Project

    1. The uninformed are not expected to know or understand what quality or craft really mean, but let’s just say those 2 words have nothing to do with the size and ownership of the brewery.

      I’ve seen excellently crafted, quality brews from multi-nationals and I’ve seen some badly defective swill from the smallest micros and nanos. Maybe it has more to do with the professional training, skill and experience of the guys actually making the beer – Do you think?

  1. Picked up one of thesein Sackville yesterday. Great new offering!!!I grabbed a Muskoka Cream Ale. I was able to try them as they have little sampler glasses to try before you buy. Will definitely take advantage of this new program in the future!!! Way to go ANBL!!!!

  2. Bought a growler yesterday. Picaroons Winter Warmer at the Dieppe location. So good and such a great initiative. Great job ANBL!!

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