Dead Frog Releases Pair of Buckwheat IPAs


ALDERGROVE, BCDead Frog Brewery has announced the release of a pair of limited edition beers made with a distinctive grain that is rarely used in brewing.

Bucking Sheep and Bucking Black Sheep are sibling IPAs brewed using buckwheat along with more traditional wheat and malted barley. Both beers sit at 6.5% abv, and have the following descriptions provided by head brewer Nick Fengler:

The white was an attempt to capture the unique attributes of the buckwheat and counter the rich flavour with a burst of bright Citra hops. I wanted a light, airy body with strong head retention and minimal malt profile to accentuate the buckwheat and hops.


The black was a fun small-batch brew building off similar characteristics found in our Obsidian Dagger IPA Noire, but again, with the interesting addition of buckwheat—dark in colour and flavour, but still retaining a light body, much like its lighter brother.

Both brews gain a large portion of their bitterness from the buckwheat with hops added late in the boil to produce strong tropical and citrus aromas.

Bucking Sheep and Bucking Black Sheep are both available now in limited runs of 650 ml bottles at select liquor retailers in British Columbia, and on tap at better beer bars in the province while supplies last.

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